Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Please excuse the recent silence, and then please excuse the awkwardness

Our agency recently asked all families to be circumspect in what information we put out there on the internet.  I stayed silent until they could clarify exactly what information they meant.  I plan to continue blogging, but there are things I won't be able to share.  I plan on revealing a lot more once Z is home. 

We don't have Z in our arms but there is nothing that could convince us to jeopardise the child we hope will be our own.  I hope you can understand and I hope I still have interesting things to say!!!

With that said, on to the awkwardness.....

It is never easy to ask for help.  It is even harder to ask for monetary help (for me at least).  Doing so feels like we are failing.  We've had two yard sales and made moderate profits, tried to sell T shirts and not met our minimums.  We're cut back our spending and every extra penny we've made has gone towards our adoption.  But we need help.  

Please consider donating through paypal or our AdoptTogether page

Thank you to every last person who has donated thus far.  Your generosity has stunned us and we are more grateful that we can say. Every amount no matter how small helps immeasurably. 


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